Andover WTP

A complete distribution upgrade along with a newly installed 2 MW standby generator

The Andover Water Treatment Plant facility is fed from an onsite pad mount transformer. Annese Electric was instrumental in producing a method of procedure that allowed the plant to continue operations and have minimal downtime. New medium voltage metering equipment was installed adjacent to the pad mount transformer, upgrading to the new utility standards. Annese was able to coordinate the construction of a simultaneous 5000V Main-Tie-Main switchgear backed by on-site standby power. The switchgear was able to be installed, tested, and commissioned with minimal interruptions to the plant. Along with the main service equipment, the project also included redistributing all of the 480V feeders throughout the plant. Once the new infrastructure was completed, the existing loads were transferred to the new equipment, through an extensive coordinating process, thus totally eliminating the existing service. The project also included new PLC control schemes, fiber optic communications, SCADA integration, and general contracting duties.