Riverside Pump Station

Upgraded system that monitors and controls all pump station activities and statuses

The Riverside Pump Station in North Andover is a critical component of the local infrastructure, providing essential services to the community. To ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation, Annese was contracted to upgrade the power supply system. Our team installed two 23,000V utility services and transformed the power into a 5000V Main-Tie-Main medium voltage switchgear. This system is backed up by a 2MW standby generator, which can be supplemented by a portable generator if needed.

As part of the project, we also brought new medium voltage feeders into the building and installed new motor starters to enhance performance and efficiency. The pumps, ranging from 850hp to 1250hp, were connected to the new feeds to ensure optimal power delivery. To monitor and control all pump station activities and statuses, we implemented a SCADA system. Throughout the project, we were careful to minimize disruptions to the plant’s operations.