Shea Ice Rink

Maneuvering around unusual project requirements without sacrificing the end result

Annese completed this work as part of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) refrigeration systems replacements project at various rinks. The granite ledge terrain and nearby stream and conservation land where this rink is located presented unusual requirements. The project consisted of complete replacement of the mechanical room chillers, pumps, piping, electrical switchgear, chemical treatment systems and the cooling tower for the rink. The state-of-the-art control systems and all new energy-efficient equipment (with the capability to be monitored and controlled remotely via the internet) allows for enhanced efficiency and run times as well as considerable monthly savings on electricity used.

Services Provided: 

  • New 1600 amp service including a new pad mount National Grid transformer with oil containment curb and primary duct bank 
  • New secondary duct bank switchboard and branch circuit breakers for new chillers, pumps, and cooling tower
  • Installation and interconnection of VFDs for chilled water pumps
  • Installation and interconnection of the new DDC control panels for refrigeration equipment management
  • Integration with the new refrigerant leak detection alarm and ventilation system